[English Version] Stormlord Interview – July 29 2019

At the center Cristiano Borchi (Vocals) and to his right Francesco Bucci (Bass)


As Stormlord is getting closer to it’s 30th birthday, your music keeps
getting more complex and harder to play   how do you maintain this level
of energy and passion about Metal?

(Cristiano Borchi – vocals) We keep this level because we really love
what we do. For us music is real passion, we can take our time to do the
albums perfect for us with no pressures. Any kind of work brings you to
change your prospective in time, we are safe from it.

It’s a common misconception that singing in the style of Cristiano
could led you to some injuries in your throat, well that could happen if
you don’t know what you’re doing, does he follows some regime to
keep his vocal chords healthy?

(Cristiano Borchi – vocals) Yes it could led to some injuries if you
don’t use this kind of voice correctly. This voice is not like talking
or singing in the traditional way, you need to understand how works the
new instrument that you are using. This is the main thing to understand
to keep your voice safe and to have a good performance. Sport and no
smoking helps to keep it clean and powerful.

How is the process of writing a song for a Stormlord record? Do you
start with the guitars/vocals and keep adding layers or is a completely
different process?

(Francesco Bucci – Bass) back in the days, the whole process was
developed mainly in the rehearsal room. Some ideas where wrote at home,
but most of the song was finished all together, in our stinly and hot
like hell garage.
For the last three albums, we’ve been working a lot with the computer
and, especially for the new album, we’ve  spent a lot of time in our
keyboard player (Riccardo Studer) recording studio, producing a lot of
demos and trying new solutions before going in the rehearsal room.
It could sound like a “cold” way to compose, but it works and saves
time; most important thing, it allow us to explore a lot of new
solutions, maybe some complex one, that could’t be achieved on the go,
just playing to the beat.

Was there a song or a section of the album that proved to be more
challenging to record that you have planned?

(Francesco Bucci – bass) “Leviathan” was a tough one, because it
has to sound very sharp and it has a lot of rhymic parts that sounds
easy, but they aren’t. Also “Invictus” has some tricky guitar
parts, while “Cimmeria” and “Levante” where challenging in
another way: their sound is intense and delicate, so there’s a lot of
work with dynamics in order to preserve this particular feeling.

Sometime it’s easier to records a very fast song that never stop from
the beginning to the end, instead of a quiet one that has multiple sides
or different musical landscape.

As a guitar player myself I can really appreciate the top notch
performance of Gianpaolo and Andrea, I enjoyed a lot the tone they’re
using this time , did they were looking for a heavier sound or how was
that search for it?

(Francesco Bucci – Bass) Thank you for your kind worlds on behalf of
Gianpaolo and Andrea.

We have a very distinctive guitar sound, you can clearly see its
evolution listening to our albums from first to last.
We were among the first bands to use such a low tuning (our lowest
strings is G#, right now could not sound so impressive since, outhere,
every band seems to own an 8 strings guitar, but trust me if I say that,
back in 1998, that was pretty brutal), se we have always been searching
for a sound that could be both aggressive and clear.
The starting point is always the same, both in studio and during the
live shows: Mesa Boogie + ESP (the guys are endorsed by this glorious
guitar factory), but this time we added a second digital layer with an
emulation of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.
The real thing has the power and the watt, the digital thing added the
control over the frequencies and the aggression.

My bass gives the finishing touch, granting the punch and bringing the
low end freq in the game, using a blending of Ampeg svt 6 pro, HLF 410
as a cabinet plus Sansamp and Darkglass Alpha Omega.

A lot of bands try to get a fat sound forgetting about the bass and
trying to achieve it with the guitar sounds only. This is a mistakes,
since the groove and the depth of the tone should be up to the bass,
while the sharpness and the merciless aggression should be up to the

I loved the cover art of “Far” it evokes the feeling of danger ,
adventure and destruction that we can hear on the lyrics , did you gave
the artist the lyrics and he made it based on that?

(Francesco Bucci – bass) Since our music is so bombastic and, in a
certain way, it reminds a soundtrack, we care a lot about the visual
aspect of our albums. Of course, it has a lot to deal with our lyrics,
and the sense of danger that you feel is what and adventurer feels when
he goes beyond FAR the existing boundaries and faces the unknown.
I could say that, in a certain way, the cover artworks of our last three
album has a similar concept.

We have a collaboration with the Hungarian illustrator Gyula Havancsák,
world renowned for his works with acts like Blind Guardian, Destruction,
Annihilator, Stratovarius and so on.

The first time that we got in touch with him was for the cover of
“Mare Nostrum” (2008), and after he made it we were impressed from
his ability to transform the music of Stormlord into beautiful images,
like no one did before.

That’s why we have worked with him also for the last two album; his
sensibility is very close to ours and we hope to work with him in the
future too.

Usually we give him an input or a starting point (this time, it was a
sort of collage made with photoshop, but the final result has almost
nothing to deal with it), then we let him create with absolute freedom.
He keeps us informed sending some scrapes and draft every now and them,
so we can tell him if we like it, if he can go on or if there’s
something we wish to change.

I can easily say that Far is one of your best works , you can hear the
evolution of the sound and that the band plays tighter than ever, so
what’s the next step for Stormlord? Which is the new milestone you
would like to archive?

(Cristiano Borchi – Vocals) Thank you, we hope to come to play in
Mexico soon, we know we have many fans there and can’t wait to play for

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